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Hi micky1mo
Despite 2 sessions on the rolling road the engine is still not right. It appears to be running rich and there is a smell of petrol but no leaks.

The car pulls very well but on tick over the plugs soot up and there is a slight hesitation at low revs when cold. The engine has only covered 450 miles after a total rebuild, so maybe requires bedding in.

I have been in contact with Matt Cooper at Eurocarb. He is very helpful and knowledgeable. There are some issues with the jetting that he is not happy with and also suggested I check over the engine to make sure there are no other problems I may have overlooked.
Then back to the rolling road.

The problem with jetting on the triple card set is if you need to change them its 6 of everything making it pretty expensive.
However just looking at them when you lift the bonnet gives you that wow feeling. That's why we build cars and to deplete our bank account.
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