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I converted mine from 1.6K with R65 gearbox to 1.8VVC using the R65 gearbox still a couple of years ago. Doing it this way is relatively simple and keeps the gearing good for fast swap the engine and transfer the 1.6 clutch and flywheel to the 1.8 so that it mounts to the gearbox. Swap the ECU over and connect up the VVC engine wiring loom...job done. Took me a few weeks to do the swap as I had a few issues airlocking the cooling system! works well but if I am brutal I can slip the clutch.The R65 box/clutch is on the limit with 140-160bhp

If you choose to use the 1.8VVC and the PG1 gearbox that it comes with this is a more robust solution. Gearbox mounts are different (not sure how much different), driveshafts on the PG1 box are different and the cable change brackets are different. Not beyond the wit of man to do though. If I remember correctly some of the Rover 200's had a limited slip diff fitted to the PG1 as standard....not sure if this was the BRM or Vi?

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