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Default Drag racing

Went drag racing last weekend. Did four runs. Only casualty this weekend, have no lights or instruments. Think it's just a fuse. But drove home unlike before when I came back on a truck due to the drive shaft popping out.

My main problems is getting into second gear. Told by the drag guys is a common problem. Need to stop trying to change gear while bouncing off the rev limiter in first! But adrenaline etc! 3 out of the 4 runs I did this.

Best time was 13.38 1/4 & 102 top speed. With practice, hit the 12's and 110 is my next target.

Cars raced
Pug 106 modded 1.6 turbo. No contest and won by a few seconds. No dodgy gear changes

Evo 5??? 275 BHP. My worse run and gear change. But only just lost. This was a 14.9 run it was that bad

Modded Scobby Sti. Beat quite easy and into 13's again with dodgy gear change.

Modded Mx5 totally no contest. Few seconds again beat him. He was a touch annoyed. Still with a dodgy gear change into the 13's.

And the amount of people that come up asking afterwards. What the heck is it. Looked quick out there. Never seen one before etc.
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