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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Find out from the seller what they were fitted too. If a Jag then the OCD isn't 118.
I bought a set of bolt ons that were meant to be for a Jag. Turns out that they came with a Rolls Royce that the seller had bought. In the end MWS confirmed that they were for a late 80's 5 series BMW.
Thanks Jag. I have seen some more photos and it looks like they are MWS Dunlopís as they have markings on them with the Dunlop logo and then x516 which I assume is cross laced and the spoke sizing?. The seller says they were fitted to a Healey replica but before that no idea. Iíll see what I can dig out but I am thinking they might end up being too big a risk. Thanks for your help so far tho. Cheers
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