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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I do agree on the period registration plate. I went for a "B" reg, I'm of that age where I remember that they used to issue the old "A" reg for all cars that didn't have a plate or had had it transferred, now of course they issue a relevant aged plate..
+1 on the registration . I think its a big visual part of a car like this's not so bad on the classic donor based cars , but the much newer donors really benefit from a cheap number change ...its a small extra expense and a lot less than many expenses on a car like this and has a huge visual impact in my opinion ...

Interestingly , J-TVR , I am of an age where , in Bournemouth , if not everywhere ...before they started the A reg system for re-issues , they were issuing B reg numbers ... I worked in the number plate industry for quite a few years in the 80's and 90's , for one of the larger firms around at that time , Collectors Auto's , and then as an independent .....

They started issuing A registration numbers in the larger boroughs in 63 , but as the smaller towns didn't sell the volume of vehicles the cities did , they continued to work through their allocated numbers on the list that were 'dateless' ..The very low volumed sales areas even continued to issue dateless when the first B reg. numbers came in too .... In 64 , everyone had to start issuing B registrations to fall in line with the new system and it left many number combinations unused..

Every year , boroughs were allocated sets of numbers and had to work through the list ....this is why the re-issued dateless registrations for years and years were Scottish issued combinations had an 'S' in the middle or end of the 3 letter combination ....many Scottish boroughs sold a very low volume of cars , so when the A and B suffix system came in ...many combinations were left unused ...when DVLA started the age related system , they used many of the combinations that had not been issued and started with the Scottish ones as they were the largest group unused ...

That BPR ***A registration on the car above is actually a Bournemouth issued number from memory ...

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