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I've not said much on here lately but here's my thoughts.

Before I bought mine (the first one they put together as Geoff was waiting for a different colour gel coat than originally planned) I read, reread and read again Geoff's thread showing the amazing amount of work that Chris and Dan had done to get to a product ready for sale. I went at looked at their work and knew exactly what I was buying.

I thought it looked fantastic then and I've never changed my mind. The price and finish was just what I wanted as I could finish it off to a standard and cost of my choosing, in the time frame I chose, whilst driving it all the time.

I have had the car studied by a couple of local guys who used to build and paint aluminium 250swb bodies to use with adapted 330 Ferrari running gear. They were very impressed with the concept of the car, it's construction and the finish I took it to.

Had the kit been to a 'virtually ready for paint" standard, I would not have bought one as it would have been out of my chosen price range and I would not have been as comfortable with making any alterations to it.

As I've already said in my thread, it's up for sale as it's now far too nice for me and I probably should have left it in basic, as bought, in gelcoat condition, just altering the wheels and suspension, as this is the point where I enjoyed it most, thrashing it around and not worrying about the possibility of stone chips.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. I don't have anything bad to say about the company or the product.

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