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Default Free Parts and an update

You may have noticed my recent absence and i believe you will also have spotted that my Navigator is on EvilBay.

Events have recently occured which mean a radical downsizing of my projects and tinkering will have to take place. Unfortunately Mrs V went for a routine spine MRI some weeks ago to try and sort out her dodgy back once and for all. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the MRI showed the presence of a nerve sheath tumour in her spinal canal and low signal bone marrow. We are currently waiting to see a neuro surgeon at the QE in Birmingham hopefully in the next 7 days.

So what does this meen to you?

1. The Navigator is for sale on EBay but if anyone on here is seriously interested there is a deal to be done as my availability to mess with idiot buyers is shortly to be seriously curtailed. I wont let it go for much less than the starting price but if i know its going to a good home there is a deal to be done. Its MOT'd taxed and changed to Historic and insured. Havent changed the V5 yet in case it goes overseas as what it will need to be changed to may differ from what a UK buyer might want. i.e. "Triumph Ribble Navigator" Vs "Triumph Sports"

In addition i have 2 shelves of new and old parts including a 4 speed gearbox, fuel tank, tones of fastners and a lot of new unused parts, bushes bolts etc. The lot should go in the back of an estate car.
Im not looking for anything for it all but events mean that it is either gone in the next few days or its getting weighed in.

Obviously i may not be on here as much now so in closing thanks for watching my build and i wish all of you the best (BTW i still wouldnt resurrect the Sammio name!!! :-) )

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