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With the donor secured I was still on the fence about the powerplant. I know I wanted something that would have a vintage feel and sound but a real ferrari powerplant was out of the budget. I looked into a lot of inline 6s- bmw and datsun L series, but this car would really not be correct without a 12. After going between a jag and bmw v12, the jag ended up being the easiest to secure and they are more available. When they are stripped down do they ever look the part too.

I purchased a rough running 85 xjs for $500. I knew the motor was strong it just needed to be cleaned up, with new seals, water pump, that kind of thing. The fuel injection system will definitely need to be gone through as well.
I got to work quickly removing the engine, ecu, wiring harness, and any other bits I thought I would need to keep.

engine harness over 20feet long!

car sold for $450 to a fella in florida who says a coyote engine is goingn in there... good luck to him!

this thing is darn filthy

after a pressure wash it's a little cleaner

new fittings welded on the oil cooler return and feed and air rail holes on intakes welded up

oil pans cleaned, painted, and resealed. Front crank seal also replaced (not pictured). more work on the motor in a bit, but back to the actual car...
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