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Because the factory frame rails underneath are stamped, they would not provide enough strength for the vehicle. Another problem, the front axle sat 8" too far back if I wanted it to be close to the ferrari. Logically, I'd build some frame rails out of 2x3 that would tie back into the subframe and outer rockers. This would allow for extrra rigidity and I could place the front axle back in the desired location along the new rails.

I would start by marking and making some pie cuts to bend the rails for the appropriate 6" rise at 30 degrees.

wedge removed, prepped and beveled for welding

If you have never tig welded steel it really likes to push and pull with all the heat, so clamping to extra tubing was necessary

building 2 identical rails turned out to be very challenging and I had to "math" my way out of it.

In the end, I was successful; however.

next, I had to keep everything square, shim, clamp, as necessary so I could temporarily weld the two rails together to install on the car.

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