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What else would you do at Christmas, spending few hours in a subzero garage removing panels and tank unit. It will make you appreciate the glass of your favourite beverage by a roaring fire or for modernists (radiator).
I feel I must point out that the higher and lower figures given on fuel pumps refer to (higher) ignition on, and (Lower) when engine running. the fuel Pressure Regulator takes care of stabilising the fuel pressure when you are running.
The pump is either on or off as far as the ECU is concerned, the pump has no way of revving up or down with road speed or engine revs.
But keep up the good work, it's at times like this when I feel sorry for the readymade tin box brigade who don't have the fun or satisfaction of saying " I MADE THAT "

P.S. my tank is ex aluminium Morgan with ford puma intank pump and a Sierra fuel filter with about 1pt capacity. Doubt if there is another one like it.
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