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Paint all the way for me, every gel coat finish I've seen had a sort of matt sheen to it even when polished.

Prep is key on fibreglass though (no pun intended). Once the surface is fully flatted, dried and degreased use an etch primer then flat that back and follow up with several coats of high-build primer. Once they're flatted, the top coats should be automotive cellulose as it's flexible and more resistant to cracking than two-pack so is better suited to a car made up of comparatively wobbly fibreglass panels.

Cellulose is easy to use for an amateur sprayer and there isn't much you can't put right if you make a mess of it. Runs and drips are easily sanded out and repairs can be blended into existing paint if necessary, which is much more difficult with two-pack. It doesn't have that modern shiny plastic look to it once it's polished, either. Oh, and two-pack is a deadly poison if you breathe it in without wearing the right mask or forced-air breathing apparatus.
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