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I decided to have a go at registering my MK2 Jag as MOT exempt. You can do this online using the standard tax website.
I didn't think I would be able to do it as the car is currently in storage and not insured, the other catch is the V5 states year of registration 1993 (when it was fully restored) but it does have a note on the front of the V5 saying manufactured 1961.
So not expecting to be able to do the change, but it flagged up the car was over 40 years old, did I want to register it as MOT exempt-YES- and then it let me tax the car even though it was not insured. Showing on askmid as not insured

If anyone wants to change any details on the V5 and it can be done on line, then now may be the time to do it!
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