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I have finished making the prototype door and have been experimenting a bit with cleaning and painting the chassis.

I have used a Land Rover latch as suggested by Peter. Morgan also use this type of latch but I suspect they must have a special version of it as the standard one has handles both on the inside and outside plus a lock barrel. I only wanted the inside handle and so the lock barrel and outside handle have been "treated" with the Dremel.
The standard Land Rover striker is HUGE and so I have made one myself a little more in keeping with the scale of the Marlin.

The current chassis finish is a mixture of old paint, rust and old paint & rust. Where the chassis is visible I have cleaned it back to bare metal. Other places I have flattened the old paint and treated the rust as appropriate. Then applied several coats of Isopon Zinc 182 primer. It's beginning to get there but will need at least another coat particularly where it's visible and I have flattened it back. One big relief is it didn't react with the existing paint so where there is no rust I can just flatten it back without having to strip it all off.

I am now on the hunt for some decent plywood to make the doors proper from. Not so easy as one might think nowadays...

Cheers, Robin

door_with_latch by Robin Martin, on Flickr
modified_lr_latch by Robin Martin, on Flickr
striker_plate by Robin Martin, on Flickr
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