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Default Sammio Fuel Tank

Early in my build (ie many years ago) I got hold of a Spitfire fuel tank, cleaned it out, fitted it and filled it with a couple of gallons of petrol. I now find that it has deteriorated somewhat, fuel has gone stale and I am having to recondition my fuel pump, lines and carb.

So I have removed the tank and found that it is has a fair amount of rust inside. Not sure whether to go down the POR15 tank sealer route (which seems to get good reviews) or replace the tank. A brand new Spitfire tank is around £250 but I have noticed lots of new MG tanks for not much more than £100.

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. In particular has anyone used the POR15 tank sealer and/or found a tank from another vehicle which readily fits the Sammio?

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