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Thanks for the offer of the pdf but I already have a hard copy of the original manual for the electrics. I should have been clearer - I was suggesting you might find it useful if you hadn't already got a copy.

It seems to me that if you can leave the battery, BJB and cross-beam items (eg fusebox) in the RHD configuration/location then there's not too many wires that will need extending/relocating. Two pedals and the column loom are the most obvious but I guess there might be others?
I have a feeling Vortex originally had the window lift buttons either side of the instrument cluster but I will rewire to put them near the handbrake. My loom was only wired for one rear fog light though my tails both had bulbs so I fixed that and also added rear parking sensors as I figured the view out back might be a bit restricted.
Toying with possible daylight running lights so will wire for them and also speaker cabling and power seats. Not sure if I'll wire the front auxillary lights as fogs or spots/driving lights (only on with main beam).
Seems like a lot of thinking to avoid later irritation that I forgot something!

Trust you had a good weekend away
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