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Default LHD wiring changes

Stalks - (Thanks for your advice Eddy, chose Rover and haven't lost the auto-cancel facility on the indicators.)
Brake light, Brake fluid reservoir, Ignition, Instruments, earthing points, electric mirror adjustment, window buttons and a few more. The main front loom now runs accross the car behind the heater matrix.
The link from the external fuse box to the internal fuse box has stayed the same length as The external box has had to be moved inboard to make room for the new air intake.
Because all the aircon equipment has come inside the car, there is no room for the relay box which has been discarded in favour of separate mountings on top of the air con condenser. (Well there was a bit of room but lengthening all those wires was just too much)
Mostly completed and now just waiting for the new dashboard design.
With a bit of luck and a trailing wind, we'll make Stoneleigh next year.
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