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Default Another little update!

Must be time for an update - lots of little jobs been going on...

Body shaped to fit over the chassis (was able to follow the flash lines in the gelcoat and it matched perfectly)

Lights and grille make a big difference...

Hours of procrastination needed to decide where to put the dials, but I eventually settled on a central array of instruments...

Shaping the dashboard has made access easier, but I will still need to extend the gearshift, as I can't quite reach 1st and 3rd!

This central 'pod' will have an engine-turned aluminium panel to house the instruments, in the style of this custom Ford dash:

Bought a sheet from Europa and shaped with bandsaw and holesaw:

Wanting to keep the front end in the 50's style, I couldn't find any very small bullet sidelights as used on the Maserati A6 GCS, so I have settled on leaving the sidelights in the headlight bowls and I have been able to produce some indicator 'pods' on a 3-D printer which will incorporate an orange LED indicator (the pods will, of course, be blended and painted in body colour).

I have also been able to get the doors hung (using classic mini door hinges) and chosen my bucket seats to keep the driving position low enough:

Need to work on lowering the rear suspension now and adjust the rear wheel arches to give an equal gap around the tyre on each side:

I had originally thought about wire wheels but these proved to be very expensive to have reconditioned, so I settled on MGF spare wheels, which will have a dummy 'spinner' fitted:

That's about it for now - hoping for the final pieces of the jigsaw soon, so that I can get the pedals, headrests and side vents fitted in the weeks ahead...
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