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I was going to suggest the Subaru flat four, but you specifically said 'I want 200bhp with no turbo'.

I haven't driven a turbocharged Subaru but I did have use of a naturally aspirated 130hp Forester for two years as a Police patrol car.

It was a great engine, really smooth to 7,000 rpm, torquey and full of character, but needed super unleaded to run right. Our fuel/mileage log also showed that we typically got 7mpg out of it....

Okay, it spent a lot of its time running flat out, and even more sitting idling with the blues on for hours on end at RTC's, but that's still pretty poor when the Mondeo TDCi estate that replaced it returned low to mid 20's mpg under the same workload.

Anyway, I digress, so good luck finding the right motor.
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