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Thumbs up 246 engine?

Hi All

My two pennies worth. The trouble with taking a front wheel drive engine and box and placing it in a mid engine configuration is the weight transfer on high acceleration. When the box is in the front (front wheel drive) on acceleration the weight transfers to the rear of the car and often results in wheel spin and loss of grip. When you place the box in the rear or the car (mid engine) on hard acceleration the weight transfer means you have more weight at the back leading to more grip. More grip means the wheels will have less of a tendency to spin- this is what smashes the front wheel drive boxes. It's also why a lot of hot hatches with front wheel drive and 300+ horsepower now have electronic diff's. If I was starting again I'd go for a v6 from a lexus rx300 or rx350 which will bolt straight on to the toyota mr2 turbo box. This box is almost bullet proof and comes with limited slip diff as standard. I've seen mr2's and celica gt4's with upwards of 800 bhp. The lexus engine is also used in the lotus europa.
I will be sticking with my ford cosworth v6 and using a mr2 box via an adaptor plate. Ok not the lightest engine in the world but with 24valves and alloy heads and when turbo'd good for 400 bhp on stock internals. Plus I already have a brand new crate one/ a spare one and evrything that's needed to run it .


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