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[QUOTE=DerbyDreamer;101684]On a bit of a roll...

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Hi Richard,

Nice to see you are back on the build and on a roll. I'm not as far as you are, but I'm constantly thinking of ways to approach mounting of the body and find the best position to minimize the effects of symmetry (or a lack of it ).

I was wondering if you have any photos of your front inner arches you've attached to the frame please? Are they flush with the top of the frame rails or did you raise the front of the body (closer to the radiator) above the frame at all?

Also, if you have any photo of the body position by radiator area (without bonnet), that would be great. Did you have such a difference in distance from the frame from one side to another, like in the photo below?


The photo above shows my body just resting on the frame and follows the frame lines by the front and back bulkhead area. The inner (back) side of my dashboard panel is parallel and against the frame, which should provide a reference for forward/back position of the body, but there is obvious issue with the alignment at the front....

Any advice would help.

Thank you.

Cheers, Deni
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