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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
That's a nice addition, my first thought on seeing the motor and gearbox was early Lotus/Coventry Climax.
My first thoughts exactly. Very light and compact compared to the B Series lump. If it's good enough for ACBC it certainly is for me!

Originally Posted by Mister Towed
It's going to look and sound great, will give enough go to be enjoyable and has some interesting tuning possibilities.
Agreed. All that shiny aluminium in a dark coloured engine bay will look so good. As for sound, if it's half as shiver inducing as the Fraser Imps I used to watch at Brands Hatch in the 60s I'll be well pleased. Tuning? I'm tracking twin 1.25" Strombergs and an Imp Sport cam...

Originally Posted by Mister Towed
Good luck with fitting it, I hope it's not too much of a challenge.
No predictions, but with a similar layout and a fairly roomy engine bay it should be eminently doable. Plus, it's no fun if it's easy.

Regards, Mick
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