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My very short drive to and from the retro festival highlighted a couple of problems. Firstly, and easily sorted, was an oil leak from the top end of the braided SS hose which runs from the adaptor in the oil pressure light/gauge tapping in the block up to the rear of the cylinder head, its purpose being to prevent the rear rockers being starved. Despite having also fitted one to the A352, and being a proper squirrel, I couldn't find either of the blanking plugs. Canley Classics to the rescue!

The second problem relates to the rather vague remote gear linkage, the driver end of which is mounted to the body so is not in sync with engine/gearbox movement. This makes changes from 2nd to 3rd and back very hit and miss. I considered replicating the A352 solution of joining two butchered Triumph remotes with aluminium channel but this was a non starter due to the limited clearance. Sitting in the beast yesterday evening pondering the problem, I decided to fabricate a Ferrari style gate, so this morning I've ordered a small sheet of 3mm aluminium. Time will tell.

Regards, Mick

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