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In conversation at the Gloucester Retro Festival with the gentleman from whom I bought my 'Coventry Climax'engine I mentioned the suspicions I have regarding the new condensers I fitted to both the A352 and the Monaco. Despite their being supplied in authentic looking Lucas boxes they just look shoddy, and on the A352 lasted only the proverbial five minutes. Anyway, he told me that they are indeed inferior quality items and pointed me at The Distributor Doctor. After absorbing the info. on the home page and a telephone chat I decided to go the whole hog and send mine off for complete refurbishment. This takes about three weeks if (as I did) one opts to have ones own rebuilt, rather than exchanged. If you read the blurb you will know that he has both the condensers and rotors built locally to his own specification, he also supplies a new cap as a matter of course as he maintains that commercially available replacements aren't well enough fitting. Will this be money well spent? Again, time will tell.

Regards, Mick
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