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Originally Posted by IanA View Post
Well I now have 4 of 15" wire wheels, all reputedly from Jaguars, with 42mm splines

I paid a visit to the experts this evening- Motor Wheel Services in Langley, Bucks.

They pointed out the number 455 stamped on the rim which identifies them as original Dunlop rims fitted to Jags but they are #52 hubs which has nothing to do with the spline count, length, width or the colour of your favourite money. In fact, there's nothing on the wheels that could be measured or counted that would give you that exact number. It's down to the size of the bearing in the car's hub !!!

Their technical info shows:

Wheel Type 52
Actual Hub Diameter 73mm
Number of Splines 88
Spline Length Short Hub 37mm
Spline Length Long Hub 62mm

So the wheels can be identified from those dimensions but nothing is 52 anything.

Note 1: The wheel type designation refers to the maximum size of outer bearing, in millimetres, which can be used with that hub.

Note 2: Actual hub diameter is measured across the outside of the splines on the car and not the wheel itself. Dimensions are ±˝mm.

Check it all out here at: Technical Info, Wheel Centre Sizes

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