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I'm planning on the MGB option, only problem is that MGB seats, well look like MGB seats! maybe because I had one for many years.
I have found someone on Ebay who does a set of "hump" leather seat covers for 275, they don't quite look as MGish as others.

And seat rebuild kit for 54 + Vat

Most sellers on Ebay are after 45 just for the "hump" seat foam.

I picked up a pair of seats for 35 for the pair.

I intend to fit them to the existing base and transfer the heated seat elements. I don't know if it's going to work as I'm still waiting to get the car back.

I did look at the Ford KA leather seats as option, cheap a s chips, you can get a good pair for less than 50. I'm not sure if the shape will work but at that money it could well be worth a punt.

MGF seats also look good, there was a blue car on the forum that had a cream pair fitted that looked very good but around 350 for a good pair. Alfa Spider seats also looked as if they could be an option.
I think the Rover seats just look too big.

I would be careful about fitting any kind of seat that does not have any back adjustments, they can prove to be very uncomfortable.
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