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My intention was to leave this project for a couple of years. It was in a friends garage up until 3 months ago when in lockdown I got the car moved to mine, and it now resides on my ramp above the Dino. I wasnít going to do any thing to it for a while, but again during lockdown I found myself rebuilding the rear brake callipers and the fronts + repainted callipers, and new pads. . Cleaned the whole underside of the car. Replaces both rear hubs, so itís all new components on the rear end.removed sump as it had a slight oil leak from the one ordered but received the wrong one...cleaned wheels up but will be referring the wheels. Bought 120 shiny new black chrome bolts and nuts to replace all the 3 piece split rim bolts. Just need to order another correct sump gasket, and fit. While sump is off, I can see the pistons are virtually new. Pics to follow.Too many projects on the go so may think of selling the Testarossa as new job and other things are taking priority., although itís not a problem because itís sat above the Dino out the way.

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