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Radiator was supplied by Phantom - slightly larger than 2.7l one to cope with bigger engine.
The other day I had the car ticking over on the drive to warm it up and demist the windows as it hadn't been out since new year and I noticed a puddle of warm coolant under the front of the car. On closer inspection it was squirting out of a split in one of the front hoses (not one supplied by Phantom but one of my own) and spraying all over the end tank of the rad.
So had the car up on my lift today (5 tonne fork lift at work!) and changed the hose and another one (again my one of mine) which was looking a bit cracked. After filling it up and running it up to temperature no sign of any leaks and the radiator end tank seems to be dry as well. Might have started as a small pin hole leaking onto the end tank giving the wrong impression. I think the split in the hose was only letting coolant out when the system was pressurising when it was heating up.
Anyway will keep an eye on the situation but looks like the rad wasn't the problem after all.

New intermediate drive shaft has been ordered last week and should be delivered within the next 3-4 weeks.

Ed have you got the drawing for the layout of the VW boost control valve? Must get that plumbed in and book another dyno session before the new racing season kicks off.
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