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I suspect there is 'paperwork' and the only way (I say that tentatively, because they may change their answer after the event) is to ask DVLA what to do. As an 'indicator' of 'other paperwork' we may not be party to, I'm sure when I registered my Quantum the inspector made a note of the position of the chassis number (ie on inside of RH wing close to bulkhead) - the fact that the car then became incorrectly registered as a 2 seater is another indicator that they sometimes get it wrong. I was then told by the local DVLA office that I must have filled in the form incorrectly (I hadn't). Fortunately I had the SVA paperwork and a photo of the car outside the SVA building (although I didn't have to produce this documentation). They then sent me a reminder to tax the fiesta which I'd donated to the build! Oops, sorry I'm rambling....
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