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Still working my way through my 'Honey do' list but made progress this week by demolishing the old log storage shelter to make way for a garden shed. This will free up space in the garage so I can move the Sabre to it's new home. It'll probably be another few months but in the meantime I've been buying and selling on that well known auction site and collecting together some more useful parts. Ford Sierra parts are now definitely becoming scarce and more expensive.

Cheap alloys by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I bought these wheels just to move the car around on as I'm selling the BMW Type 32's that came with the donor car. They cost me only 50 for 5 including an unused spare wheel and tyre. I've already sold the spare for 35 so they cost me 15!!

Steel wheels by marlinpeter, on Flickr
These are for the Sabre. Another ebay purchase and even though they are 11 years old they have been dry stored in a shed for 10 years. Colour coded to match the car paint and some nice shiny hub caps and I hope they will create the right effect. (Mark 1, Ford Focus, in case you wondered)

Sierra handbrake cables by marlinpeter, on Flickr
Sierra handbrake cables

I bought both of these cables from the same seller as they were listed under an obscure Unipart number and only 4.99 each. I need to get one of them shortened, but which one? The one on the left has a manufacturing date of 1995 whereas the one on the right was made in 2000. Was the change in bushes due to cost reduction, automation or an improvement due to failures of the earlier type?

Ford Diffrential/final drive mounts by marlinpeter, on Flickr
Ford Differential/final drive mounts

On the left is a Granada diff mount compared with a Sierra version on the right. The Sabre chassis can take either type. The Granada version looks like a good option if the polybushed version is too stiff.

Evolution of Ford Uprights. by marlinpeter, on Flickr
The Evolution of Ford Uprights.
Far left is a Scorpio Cosworth upright and hub, in the centre is Mk 3 Granada knuckle and on the right is the standard Sierra upright. The plan is to try and use the Granada knuckles if the Scorpio hubs will fit. The advantage is that they are a bit more substantial and have 12mm bolt holes for the calipers which means I can use bigger brake discs and calipers. This is a bit of a side trial which has some way to go before I can be sure they will fit and not screw up the geometry, etc.
I'm also cleaning up the rear brake calipers to see if they are refurnishable or will be traded in.

that's all for now...

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