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Originally Posted by AndyP57 View Post
On this car we mounted a renault Clio header and are currently looking for a good alternative. If we get enough demand we may be able to commission a small tank with correct connections for the existing heater hoses and a pressure cap.
Another alternative is to go the way Mr Towed has, in having an in line filler on an extended top hose running towards the bulkhead 'shelf'.
Not sure if you can clearly see how I set mine up in this picture -

As Andy says, I've just got a filler neck in line in the top hose from the 'stat housing, which then returns through 180 degrees almost immediately to run back to the radiator top connection.

If I did another I'd probably use the very elegant solution adopted by Phil J on his builds -

Not the best angle to see what he's done, but the header tank is the small alloy pot immediately behind and just on the far side of the rocker cover. Nice.
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