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Originally Posted by Marc F View Post
...My question to DVLA is whether it remains a Triumph, which I think it may do in their eyes, or becomes a Miglia. I would prefer it to be a Miglia special rather than a Triumph Miglia, but either would work in practice...
I think this depends on how your V5C is laid out at the moment.

Mine has the following:

D1. - Make - TRIUMPH
D.3 - Model - SPITFIRE 1500
D.5 - Body Type - SPORTS

So I am just asking to change D.3 and keep the original registration number associated with D.1.

"Next Door", IanA got his BMW Z3 changed to this...

So he has got a new "Make" and the section for "Model" is blank.

To be honest I will be very glad when I have got a revised V5C in my hand.

Cheers, Paul.
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