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Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley View Post
With advancing years, I'm not sure that I've got another build in me. The only one that I'd definitely go for would be a Sherpley, but so few were made (I think I've heard 12?) that the likelihood of a part completed project coming up is remote, but never say never!

Regards, Mick
About 4-5 years ago one came up on Ebay unstarted with a donor Sherpa about 8k IIRC.

There are 2 versions :-

Speed 6 - original with custom chassis and Sherpa running gear usually with better engine , picture in first post

Speed 4 - same body kit but made to fit Sherpa chassis and use van's engine

Speed 4 is easier build as no SVA however front looks wrong as springs not attached to ends of chassis - like the 28k listed !

I have 2 kit car reviews and original build manual [ vague does not cover it ! ] and some other stuff , PM me an email address and they could be winging there way to you.

I am building a Edwardian ' tribute ' on a Freight Rover chassis as I decided if I had a Sherpley I would spend all my money and time chasing the Blower Bentley look and not being happy with the results ?

If I build in the style off no one can say that's not right , and like your Moss I want to drive past and someone say ' what the h*ll was that !

I have sat in/seen a Sherpley that was for sale a couple of years ago , door on passenger side hard to get into and get under steering wheel very uncomfortable when sat in it and the build was crude [ maybe like your Moss ? ] I have pictures of that as well.

All the best Paul

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