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Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley View Post

Why not start a thread, or maybe there is one and I've missed it?

Many thanks for above info. and kind offer.

You have a PM.

Regards, Mick
Very kind of you to invite me onto the forum.

I do have a thread , but not here !

I am trying to turn a Sherpa into a lose copy of this:-

this is the plan ?

I did build a 1/6 scale model [ Action man sized ! ]

with an idea of the internals ?

mocking it up :-

You can see how high I will be ? looks like any higher and I will take my head off on the garage door !

Also you cannot see the front wheel I have moved engine/gearbox back about 30" !

I did not chose this forum , although I am a frequent visitor as:-

a) I am not building a kit car.
b) I felt I was going to have all sorts of grief in the build, like my steering column is now about 40" from the steering box so I choose a hot rod forum as
it is more their field of expertise , your car's look marvellous , however you tend to favour a single donor and rebody.
c) some of the hot rod,s have used Sherpas in the past

all the best Paul

ps will answer PM when I am on my desk PC and can assess the situation regards the volume of the stuff

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