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Default Win one, lose one.

Since bleeding the brakes I've had zero enthusiasm for things mechanical as the A352 has been playing silly buggers yet again.

Yesterday I had a slight feebleness bypass and decided to address a couple of Weber related problems. The first was the attachment points for the air cleaner. There are four M5 tappings in the carb. body, two if which were completely stripped, and the other two almost. Looking at the meagre amount of cast ally around these, I'd previously fought shy of tapping them out to M6, as disaster seemed to be beckoning. Sod it, I thought, it's got to be done. I gaffer taped over the choke holes etc., carefully cleaned my M6 tap and set to with extreme caution, backing off every couple of turns and popping a drop of oil in to pick up the swarf. A nervous 40 minutes or so later the job was done.

Next question: screws or studs? I decided on the latter, cut four to length, thoroughly cleaned both them and the carb. tappings with acetone, and screwed them in with Loctite. Another job done. The second problem will have to wait.

I quit while I was ahead.

I'd been to Sainsbury's in the Lotus earlier and thought I'd go for a spin as the forecast for the rest of the week wasn't too clever. Despite the brilliant sunshine and the Lotus being bright red, I wasn't able to.

I generally think of Gloucester as fuckwit central, but this took the biscuit, the surprise being that it was 'only' a BMW rather than a Chelsea Tractor. I couldn't be fagged to go knocking on the doors of my legion of numpty neighbours so, despite the miniature Satan on my shoulder urging me to key it or douse it in brake fluid, wrote a polite (yes, really!) note in huge black felt tip and trapped it under a wiper. I heard it leave as dusk fell.

Regards, Mick
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