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Default Paint woes after 6-7 years

About a year or so ago I noticed that there were pimples developing around the back end of the car. This was happening both on the glass fibre rear panel and the metal boot. It almost looks like a paint reaction but waiting five years to react seems a little slow.

I thought it might be some kind of environmental build up mixed in with the car wax or similar so used the excuse of lock down to really blast the boot lid with the power washer as clay bar didnít touch the bubbles. Letís say it didnít quite go to plan.

This was the metal boot panel but the pimples are on the glass fibre rear wings too. The car lives outside and is used in all conditions. Any ideas what has caused them and how I can prevent them returning?

As a bonus I might post pictures of me trying to respray it with rattle cans out on the driveway if I can find some black paint.
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