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Default New to pretty Much everything! Help


So I'm new to all of this, kit cars, mechanics, everything.

Thing is I love cars, I want to be able to build, maintain and really get into customising my kit car eventually.

I appreciate my post might be frustrating, as most, if not all of you will have at least a baseline of knowledge. Thankfully I found this website and am starting to try to understand the world!

So, in order for me to go away and do effective research I thought I'd stop by and ask a few questions as I don't intend to spend money for another 18 months ish and in that time I'm going to research and plan my project.

1) Are there any particular manufacturers or cars that are considered to be for the rank amateur that will enable me to learn and enjoy the hobby?

2) Would you recommend going for a build from scratch to learn how everything goes together or buy something and learn how to maintain it etc as a first project that allows me to drive and tinker?

3) If there were three things I should absolutely do/read to prepare for my 'first time' what would they be.

Thanks massively in advance for everyone's help, looking forward to getting started!

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