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Softfeet - No worries & feel free to "drop by" my build thread, new posters are always welcome.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Niel - Try this thread for more example of Tribute Kobras (and a few other models):

- Posts #21 & #26 include links to any build threads on here
- Post #27 includes a link to a Z3 donor buyers guide thread
( Which I think could be summed up as anything other than the 1.9 engine. )

"Own car" track days might take a little bit of research (as I've only done races, open practise & track days on 2 wheels).

But the little I do know seems to be:
- Any car with an MOT will be fine (so you don't need a roll cage).
- There will be noise restrictions (and these will vary depending on the circuit).
- You need to wear a helmet (& some venues will let you hire one from them).
- "Sensible" clothing seems to be the order of the day (so you don't need a racing suit).

As for the best way to approach this build:
- Personally, I would avoid trying to create a perfect Cobra clone.
- As this involves a lot of extra work on details that will not fool anyone who know what to look for.
- Everyone who doesn't know what they are looking at will just think it is a cool car.
- Buy the best donor you can afford and drive it around before you start.
- Get any issues sorted out before you start the build.
- Get a fresh MOT the day before you start the strip down.
- Which means you can technically drive it while under construction (see the SBW 250 under construction photos above).
Note: It still needs to be roadworthy when you do this.

Hope that helps.

Good luck, Paul.

When the time comes, start a build thread in the Tribute section of this forum.
Generally, the people on here are very helpful with advice, tips, suggestions, ideas, etc.
I know I would have abandoned my own build years ago without the encouragement I'd received from this forum.
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