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Default Hoodwinked

Just started fitting the hood today.

Had to play with the capping to get enough clearance but that's sorted now. Just need a little help with a few details:

1. The hood as an obvious edge with a seem about 20mm in from the edge. On the sides does this tuck under so that the fasteners down the side can be accessed from inside the car or do they just lie flat?

2. If they lie flat with the fasteners 'outside' the car is it easy enough to un-fasten them with the zip undone?

3. At the back of the car does the hood pull straight down over the roll bar or does it angle back a bit?

4. What fasteners have people used around the various parts of the hood?

Thanks. (Any photos would be greatly appreciated - I see Limpabit has posted a couple but more would be helpful if anyone has some or a link to a build site)
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