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Default The sportster.... things have finally clicked

So a 3 year slightly fustrating build and then quite a few short trips only to return home and undertake some major modifications. Tonight things finally clicked and I've fallen in love with the car.

Nice cool evening and I went for a 30 min trip through some wide country lanes and gave it some proper stick. Initially driving the car it didn't meet my expectations speed wise. However I have realised over the last few trips with the exhaust being so loud that I have been shifting through the gears at 3000 rpm and then flooring it in 4th expecting to be flung back in the seat...the m3 engine doesn't work like that.

Tonight I shifted down into second at 30 and floored it.... 1 the car stuck to the floor and 2 it was like some one had just fired a jet engine up behind the car, it went like absolute s***t off a shovel. I was in 3rd at 80 before I knew it. The car felt stable and the temps seem to be much lower keeping the revs up on the car, I guess the coolant flow is much higher when not pootling around any 1500RPM

I have been excited about the sportster, then frustrated, got bored and ended up hating it.

One good drive tonight and it's the best thing I've ever driven, no car comes close to the sound of the m3 lump at 5000 RPM!!
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