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Originally Posted by Dale j View Post
This will be my first kit car I have made that did not come in a box
Just picking up on what you said there Dale ...I'm glad you get that ...a lot of enquiries I get refer to the whole package and an instruction manual etc.
I come from a Hot Rod and Special building background and these cars follow that ethos ...they aren't out of the box , but I think that is a strength and not a weakness ...the ability to create the car , your way , with guidelines but no rules is far more appealing to me ...

That flexibility has proved with previous S*mmio's etc. that cars can be built with a variety of different styling traits which keeps things exciting and interesting .... Not everyone wants that , I know , but there are other options for them , The MEV Replicar etc. but in my opinion , they are less convincing as Evocations than our cars ...

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