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See below for a photo of the setup. As you can see, it still retains the existing weird-threaded landrover rod end ball joint (Dave had the correct tap thanks to precious Marlin work!) so didn't need to disturb that. Excuse the ghetto shimming with nuts and washers...might fit some better spacers now I'm happy with the position. Or not

I can't find where I wrote down my last settings. I think camber is about 2 deg neg at the front, 0.5 deg rear. 0.5mm total toe in at the front (I ran more before adding the castor, to try and improve stability), maybe 1.5mm rear? I toe in the rears to counteract toe-out under braking. I'd like to add more rear camber but one of drive shafts is slightly too long and I know if I tilt the upright in any more then I risk bottoming out the inner CV joint. Which would be bad. A future project is to mod the rear lower arms to move the bottom ball joint out a few mm.

As for your budget rule.... hmmm. If you include all the rod ends, spacers, lock nuts plus the arms and the castor adjustment assembly it came to about three times that, which I thought was pretty reasonable given they were custom jigged up etc. Dave sourced the rod ends etc basically at cost (McGill's finest - I'll see how they hold up but I didn't want to shell out on Aurora until I saw how they went).

Thanks for the photo compliment - just goes to show that car mags use graduated tint filters just as shamelessly as I do!


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