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Originally Posted by redratbike View Post
Iím racking my brain to think what kit it is?
Good question, what kit is it?

As for the modifications, as LL says above, if you change the wheelbase by shortening or lengthening the chassis then it definitely needs an IVA, which at best leaves you with a number plate that's age-related to the youngest component used in the car (see link below), or more likely, the dreaded 'Q' plate.

The outriggers and cutting away the chassis ahead of the front arb are a different matter. The rules allow for things like brackets and sub-frames to be added to the chassis - to be doubly sure of complying I'd make them bolt-on rather than welded on, while I believe that alterations to the chassis are only an issue within the wheelbase, not fore and aft of the axles. Just make sure you don't weaken the chassis when you cut away anything that runs across it. from either end.
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