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Originally Posted by MartinClan View Post
You just need to request the price list from the guy. The kit contains most everything, bar the Spitfire, including all the metalwork to modify the chassis. And there is a lot of that. It's sub 3k which seems good value but I am still concerned the extent of modification to the chassis. Not that the DVLA would probably find out but they could always change the MOT rules to check for things like that.

Cheers Robin
Its certainly priced to sell and is a nice concept ...I'd be wary of buying a donor that's been off the road too long as it can flag up an inspection , get your logbook in order at the very beginning if you are tweaking the chassis ...also be aware that MOT stations are legally required to report modified vehicles if presented to them ...a friend fly tester would side step that but also when you tax your car now you have to declare if its been modified . If you say no ..there could be future insurance implications etc. If you say yes , they'll ask for more info and probably inspect ....I've also had a situation in the past where DVLA scouts have reported suspicious vehicles seen at shows ....not scaremongering , and not trying to dampen your plans but just people need to be aware times change and the casual approach to modified vehicles era is changing with it ...
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