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Originally Posted by Mister Towed
Next headache is the main light switch. I've been trying to fathom out which pin does what, but there doesn't seem to be any difference in which pins connect to which between the two 'on' positions. I expected the first click to be sidelights only then the second click to add in the headlights but that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyone know what I'm missing here?
I have that style of switch on the A352. I'll investigate later, it may even lend itself to a picture if I've left enough slack in the loom. On the Monaco I've adapted the Spitfire loom for a two position Lucas toggle switch which I felt was more in keeping.

Re. the alternator connections: I cannot fathom why your existing plug has so many? It only really needs two: one to energise it (from ignition switch 'on' position via red dash light) and one to provide the power (the two big spades are connected internally). I imagine cable gauge restraints are the reason for twin outlets?

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