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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
My best guess is that chopped horse hair in ordinary polyester filler would do the same job as either carbon or csm strands. It's just something to hold the filler together and stop it cracking when you bridge gaps.

I'm sure in a lot of these car restoration shows, the star mechanic probably could do a good job given enough time, but instead picks up a sander, reads off the auto-cue "I'm just going to flat down the bodywork with this random orbital sander and some 800 grit wet and dry discs." does a couple of shots to camera wielding the sander while wearing a dust mask, then buggers off back to their trailer while some flunkies spend a week doing it properly.

There are too many occasions in those shows where they make it look like fabricating and welding in new panels is a five minute job.

Oh, sorry to go off on a tangent, to answer your actual question I haven't tried carbon fibre filler but the csm stuff does the job even if it is a bit of a pain to use as it doesn't spread as smoothly as standard filler (that's a massive understatement).
Agree with you about the presentations on TV. They always make a 'profit' on Wheeler Dealers, until you realise there MUST be some additional repairs we don't see on the show, and the mechanic(s) must be working for about 5 an hour
I did wonder if my hair cuttings gathered from the post-lockdown cut could be used in resin to make a strong filler ?
The csm+resin is stronger than 'filler' and of course it doesn't shrink like some filler tends to do over time - I guess the choice depends on how much imperfection we are trying to rectify?
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