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Default G46 No.6 Blackbird

7 months and one change of ownership after placing my deposit with Gary in Poole, I how have G46 No6. bodykit sitting on my drive.

Gareth has gone three or four steps beyond what is resonable for a new owner to do satifying existing orders.
The body has been delivered on the date and time (to the minute) by Gareth, who gave up 2 days and 1000 miles to deliver the kit.
All my modifications agreed by Gary at no extra costs have been fulfilled by Gareth at some extra cost to himself and I am very pleased.
If anyone is considering a G46, you will not be disapppointed in the customer service from Gareth.

So blackbird my G46 has round arches, full earo screen and NO hump, great job by tribute automative to blank off the hump and leave a gell coat with no scaring. The even manged to deliver a kit with every panel in the same same dark gel coat colour, am I a luck guy!

So here are some picture for you all




front angle

rear angle


with build assistant passing critical eye.

So the next choice is which donor, red or purple?

I am trying a different approach to CT, WCA, Nike and Andrew Hush.I i plan to cut away as little as possible from the scimitar body to add strength (weight) and make the bonding of rear inner wheel arches easier. However, it may all change when I can't get the seat in the place I want!

More pics next weekend when I start to take the donor apart and make that first cut.

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