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Originally Posted by lancelot link View Post
That does look good....I agree with Toad about the humpless body giving it a totally different vibe...

Reading the original posting , its fairly obvious I am being slated for my initial involvements in this order .....
Anyway....thats that out of the way ....As said earlier Housemartin , body looks great ....keep us posted on its progress...

Thank you
Lancelot, stop beating yourself up.

No slating intended, as you know, I requested that delivery be put back, before Gareth gave you a helping hand.

I just wanted to express how impressed I was with Gareth's kit delivery.
In the same way I am impressed with your creative ability to design and build such a kit by posting my pictures. You make a great team.

My insistance on the dark colour gel coat for all panels was just a way to show your G46 at its best as soon as possible.

Like any business man, had you not been under such pressure to secure orders when I asked for no hump and round arches, I am sure you would have upped the price.

Great Job Lancelot, I hope I can deliver now!

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