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Originally Posted by HouseMartin View Post
So the next choice is which donor, red or purple?

More pics next weekend when I start to take the donor apart and make that first cut.

Well I took both scimitars for the MOT earlier in the week. The purple one passed with not advisories but the red one failed for a rubbish handbrake and play in the steering rack inner balljoint. So I think I will get the red one gets the facelift.

Unfortunately the wife's Citroen C3 steering rack has gone very notchy and noisy so my weekend on the G46 has been hickjecked by rubbish french engineering. 1900 for a new rack - what a rip off!

The person who invented Torx needs shooting! Yes they enable you to exert a lot more power, but Citroen seem to make bolts a lot smaller as a result.
It is built in obselesence to expect a 12mm stud corroded into an aluminum rack to be removed with a 3mm bit, not to mention bits of plastic securing subframe corroded nuts.

Give me british engineering any day.

Anyway, I have had a few 1/2 hours in the evening this week and been cleaning up the mounding so the boot lid and doors fit. Like WCA and CT I note the two door are over and inch different in length.

Hopefully more photos next weekend.
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