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Default Update - no photos yet

The G46 body is now hanging from the garage roof and the donor is going to be rolled back underneath.

I have removed all the rear end lights, bumper, numberplate etc.
Eased out the side windows and the unbolted the rear hatch.
Removed all the roof and side trim and drilled out the roof guttering.
removed all the wiring from the interior light, heated rear window and rear lights.

So the donor has lost its trousers, but still has its shirt as the front is still intact.

I have put a few holes through the roof from inside the donor just behind the anti roll bar to act as a guide as i want to leave the roll bar in place to assist centering the body. (or to make life difficult for myself)

I will make the cut at the highest point of the lower edge of the side window to remove the roof

Photos with the roof cut off and the donor under the G46 kit to follow

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