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Doors are a tight fit on mine. i haven't had a chance to fit the hinges since twatting my ankle but have trimmed the rear edges off the doors in preparation. They also have a slightly different amount of curve at the moment but that may be down to the straps I have holding the body work in place.

Be aware that sticking a ratchet strap around the body and tightening makes a huge difference to how the body sits. Make sure you have the bonnet lined up with the body before fixing the body otherwise it is possible to pull the body in tighter than the bonnet can curve and you have to cut the bonnet to fit.

Are you planning on keeping your screen?

I am planning on putting a proper screen on mine and have the old Scimi windscreen glass. If it looks okay in your picture I might consider that option.

Even if you are not planning on keeping the screen, please can you take a couple of 'mock up' pictures to help me see what it might look like.



PS Gauges can be V expensive so I have decided to stick with the white on black Smiths that came with the car. Period enough.
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